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Title: Forever('Cause You're Gone) (3/4)

Title: Forever('Cause You're Gone) (3/4)
Rating: PG16 to be safe
Pairing: Pete/Patrick 
Summary: Fucked
Disclaimer:this is real like my rep for being cool at school
Author Notes: Thanks for liking this! I'm writing it really fast. My mind's on fire :P

It was one of those sleepy, hazy, fuck-around summer days that Pete loved, when the sun hit just right and made everything a deeper shade of color, when everything in the city and the suburbs  smelt like burning asphalt and hot concrete, one of those days when Pete was really happy, despite him being ‘Off’ again with Ashlee. He was visiting Patrick at his house in Glenview, sleeping over for a week before going back to his own house. And it was fucking hot outside. Pete was lazing on Patrick’s couch, staring at Patrick who was in the kitchen, fixing Pete the sandwich  he’d begged for.
 “Cut it in triangles!” Pete yelled across the room, receiving an amused look from the younger boy.
 “Dude, you are such a four-year-old.” Patrick set the knife down that he was using to spread jelly and set the sandwich on a plate, bringing it to Pete.
 “Thank you, but you didn’t fucking cut it.” Pete smiled and bit down, licking off the peanut butter stuck to his cheek.
 “Oh get over it, you’re such a whiny bitch.” Patrick smiled and Pete laughed.
 “So? So are you!” Pete stuck his peanut butter covered tongue out at Patrick.
 “Ew, Pete, that’s really gross!” Patrick stepped back.
 “Oh get over it, you’re such a whiny bitch!” Patrick shook his head and laughed a little at Pete.
 “It’s kinda nice outside.” Patrick mused, looking through the sliding glass door. “Want to go out there and like, play?”
Pete laughed.
 “Dude, how old are you?” 
 “Twenty-three, thank you.” He dropped to his knees and put his arms and head over the arm of the couch, puppy-dog eyeing Pete. “Please?”
Puppy dog eyes from an adorable little guy like Patrick were irresistible, especially without glasses. Pete gave in immediately, getting off the couch and stretching. Patrick smiled.
 “Good.” He disappeared outside faster than Pete could chase him, sliding door left open behind him.
 “Hey!” Pete ran outside, being met with a hard, freezing cold stream of water. “Fuck! Hey!’ Pete yelled and Patrick giggled, soaking Pete’s cargo shorts and making his chest slick with the hose.
 “Stump!” Pete ran towards him across the backyard, but Patrick ran in the other direction, soaking Pete’s hair.
 “Fuck you!” Patrick yelled back, running for his garage, spraying Pete as he chased him.
 “Fuck me? Fuck you! That’s cold!” Pete yelled at him. Somehow he caught up and tried to tug the hose from Patrick’s hand, fighting for it and winning. “Fuck you, now!” Pete yelled and Patrick ran, Pete soaking his tight jeans and tight tee shirt. Patrick faced him and Pete blinked,  because yeah, Patrick, dripping wet, wow.
 “Okay, fucking quit! That’s fucking cold!” Patrick yelled as Pete soaked his chest with, as Pete recalled, freezing water. This was payback.
 “No! Screw you, Stump!” Pete yelled back, hitting Patrick in the face with water as he tried to run. Patrick made a break for the door, running inside and locking it.
After a few minutes of Pete banging at the glass and Patrick grinning and laughing, the door was unlocked. Pete clambered in and shook off like a dog.
 “That was cruel.” He said, glaring at Patrick.
 “It was fun, shut up.” Patrick peeled off his wet shirt and threw it at Pete. It fell to the ground and Pete stared at Patrick’s damp jeans and chest longer than he should’ve.
 “Dude, I’m a little bit fat, got a problem?” Patrick sneered at Pete, who was inching closer.
 “No, Patrick. Fuck. Wow.” Pete’s breath came out shaky and so did his thoughts, which were ‘What are you fucking doing?’ and ‘Why aren’t you fucking doing it?’
 “Pete.” Patrick’s expression was serious. “Hey.”
Pete placed a warm hand in the middle of Patrick’s chest.
 “Can I,” Before Patrick could answer Pete nipped at the skin of his throat. Patrick inhaled unsteadily.
Pete continued marking and biting Patrick’s neck, traveling up to meet his mouth in a somewhat shocked kiss, not their first but it was still foreign, Patrick kissing back and groaning a little as Pete pressed his back against the door and ground his hips into his. Patrick thrusted back aggressively.
Pete broke the kiss and they both gasped a little, still grinding, hips rutting against each other and forming a rhythm. They kissed again and Patrick bit Pete’s lower lip, sucking as Pete moaned. The kiss was stopped as the pattern of their hips paused, and Patrick looked into Pete’s eyes, pupils blown, searching.
 “Wanna fuck?” Patrick asked against Pete’s lips, and Pete never agreed to something faster.
     He had Patrick the way he wanted him, fucking him hard on his kitchen floor, the pretty blonde’s forearm holding himself up against the glass of the door, hoping the neighbor’s kids didn’t choose that moment to come outside and play.
After it was over there seemed to be a feeling floating in the air, like they didn’t mind it, if they didn’t have to talk about it they wouldn’t. Later, on Patrick’s couch watching Star Wars, Patrick tentatively asked Pete.
 “That didn’t mean anything, right?”
 “I don't know. Did you want-” Patrick cut him off.
 “No, good.”
Thinking back Pete knew he should have said yes.
It was the only time they ever fucked, but Pete would remember it forever.


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Apr. 26th, 2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
Ahaha, yes. I like it. The water fight was awesome, I can totally see it.

And I keep meaning to mention this, but I love the way you're organizing this, with every chapter being the next step in their relationship. I'm just sort of worried about what the title of the next one is going to be...But I still can't wait to read. >
Apr. 27th, 2009 09:23 am (UTC)
mmm wet Patrick is a sexy image lol
awesome chapter
your icon is hypnotic by the way
Apr. 27th, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
i know, it is a sexy image...*pant pant*
thank you!
Apr. 28th, 2009 12:19 am (UTC)
Wow I haven't commented any fics in a long time on lj. Lol, anyways I love this! And just so you know I was listening to FOB Mr. Brightside cover and right as Pete was putting his hand on Patricks chest, the verse "Shes touching his chest now, he takes off her dress now" was playing. Too perfect lol, except neither of them were in a dress... too bad lol XD
Apr. 28th, 2009 06:38 am (UTC)
ooh thanks :) yeah it's weird i only like that song when patrick sings it,
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